Goods Vehicle Movement Service - What you need to know

From 1st January, 2022, all of your road freight shipments will need pre-lodged clearances before crossing between the EU and the U.K. The Goods Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS) system will be used to produce a Goods Movement Record (GMR) which will act as the inventory reference for your shipment.

The full rollout of the Goods Vehicle Movement System will allow for faster customs clearances and reduced congestion at the border, compared to the standard system of using Unique Consignment Numbers (UCNs) against a vessel and the Unique Vessel Identifier (UVI).

Currently, the simplified process (in place since 1st January, 2021) means that goods vehicles must have an export declaration before they are able to leave the EU. However, no registration is required, there is no input from the haulier, and there is no validation of the GMR on the U.K. side. 

What will the new GVMS process be?

The Goods Vehicle Movement Service will be predominantly be used by the haulier and their the driver, but the import and export customs clearance agents need to process the clearance before the haulier can obtain the GMR for crossing.

The process for GVMS is as follows:

  1. Raising of the export customs documents.
  2. Pre-declaration of the import customs clearance in the U.K.
  3. Creation of the GMR by the haulier, using the export and import entry details. Details of intended vehicle and crossing added.
  4. A printed set of all documents given to the driver.
  5. Driver presents GMR to the ferry operator on arrival, who approves the crossing and updates GMR on departure.
  6. GVMS signals to HMRC that the shipment has embarked, and the clearance is processed.
  7. GVMS will be updated with clearance status and advise if inspection is required on arrival. 
  8. Vehicle arrives in the U.K. and proceeds to inspection or destination. 

Who needs to register on the Goods Vehicle Movement Service?

 You will need to be registered on the GVMS whether you are a U.K. or non-U.K. based haulier, including if you are:
  • An independent driver transporting goods and doing your own customs paperwork.
  • A subcontractor that organises collection and transportation of goods on behalf of other businesses. 
  • A logistics business, contracted to transport goods or provide customs paperwork. 
  • A large retail business, where you arrange your own haulage or customs clearances. 

If this is you, then you can register here.

Do I need anything to register for GVMS?


To register on the Goods Vehicle Movement Service you need to have a GB EORI number. You do not need to be based in the U.K. to register.

You can apply for an EORI number here.  

Do you need help with the Goods Vehicle Movement Service?

Many importers, exporters, and hauliers were surprised on January 1st, 2021, when customs clearances were introduced for EU movements. The delays at the border and issues with paperwork were very disruptive and avoidable.

If you would like assistance with the new Goods Vehicle Movement Service process, or need information on any other restrictions that are being introduced, please contact one of our experts today. 
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