New China to Scotland liner schedule completes maiden voyage

For the first time ever, Scotland and China are directly linked by sea freight. The new liner schedule, created through a partnership between KC Liner Agencies, DKT Allseas, and China Xpress, is due to operate three vessels in each direction, for a total of six sailings per month. It is expected to cut down costs and delays for goods moving from China to Scotland, and vice-versa, by eliminating the need to tranship containers at other ports.

The new trade lane, berthing in Greenock, is expected to provide opportunity in the Scottish market. Imports of textiles, toys, and furniture will no longer need to be routed through more southernly UK ports, or through transhipment via northern Europe.

Direct sea freight from China to Scotland opens opportunities


Historically, transhipment has been required to import goods into Scotland from China. This meant increased risk of delays in other ports, along with additional costs for handling and freight. With logistics strikes and the price of fuel affecting the freight industry, the new liner schedule from China to Scotland is a relief for businesses in the area.

Jim McSporran, Clydeport director at Peel Ports, said:

“We believe this partnership will prove to be a hugely positive development for businesses and customers, as well as boosting the wider supply chain, and we look forward to continuing to work with our partners on this service in the coming months.”

David Milne, KC’s group shipping managing director, said:

“Our direct trading link to China cuts through frustrating transhipment delays which is a massive boost for Scottish businesses, and can only help consumers in these difficult times.

The Port of Greenock

The Greenock Ocean Terminal is owned by Peel Ports, and processes over 100,000 TEU (twenty-foot-equivalent units) per year. It is also involved in a bid for a Clyde green freeport, which will mean the development of a free economic zone if accepted. Even if the port does not get green freeport status, Peel Ports are installing two new cranes to develop the terminal and attract further investment.

Export opportunities for Scotland to the Far East

The direct link between China and Scotland also opens up export opportunities for manufactures and producers in the North. This maiden voyage saw over 10,000 cases of whiskey loaded as part of the expanding industry. Whiskey exports have increased by 20% over the last year, and is the UK’s biggest exporter in the food and drink sector. Sales are expected to continue growing after the removal of US tariffs on whiskey, and this new trade lane between Scotland and the Far East could open up more opportunity for distillers in the region.

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