Universal Customs Clearance joins British Association of Removers

The British Association of Removers (BAR) has been a trust mark for businesses in the removals industry for over 100 years. Universal Customs Clearance has now been accepted as an affiliate member due to our longstanding expertise in international removals. You can find our affiliate certificate here.

Our role with the British Association of Removers will be to provide customs clearance services to fellow members of the BAR. This allows these removal companies to partner with a customs broker who knows all of the industry’s peculiarities. 

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What do the British Association of Removers do?

The British Association of Removers assist people who are looking to move home in finding and working with a proven removals company. The BAR trust mark ensures that the company you are investigating is established, professional, and work with a stringent code of conduct

This is important because there is no regulatory body for removal companies so affiliation with an association like the BAR is the only way to know a company is trustworthy. They also process disputes and complaints against member companies, so you can be certain that the BAR are aware of any issues and will have removed a company’s membership if they are not performing ethically. 

In addition to guaranteeing their members are of a quality standard, the BAR also provide an advanced payment protection service. This is where your money is held by the BAR when your remover requires payment in advance. This protects you from losing your money if the removal company is unable to complete your removal.

The BAR undertakes annual audits on their members so that the badge maintains it’s value as a benchmark for quality assurance.

For removal companies, the BAR provides advice and support, training, promotion, and access to supporting systems and services (like customs clearance agents).

What customs clearance is required when removing goods back to the UK?

You will need to complete a transfer of residence (TOR1) form when moving back to the U.K. This allows you to move your possessions without paying duty and VAT on them during the customs clearance process. This should be completed before shipping the goods so that you have confirmation that your goods will be able to pass the border tax free. You may face additional storage time if the goods arrive without the TOR1 being approved.

More information can be found on our Transfer of Residence post. 

Do you need help with international removals?

If you need help with importing your personal effects, or moving from the U.K. to any other country in the world, please contact our international express removals company, Universal Removals. 

If you need customs clearance for your removals, help with transfer of residence UK forms, or would like to know more about how we work with the British Association of Removers, please contact one of our experts today. 


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