CDS errors continue to affect brokers and traders

Following the mandatory migration from CHIEF from the 1st of October, brokers and traders are continuing to struggle with CDS errors. Incorrect application of VAT rates, transmission errors, and improvised workarounds are hindering the way that customs brokers and traders can process declarations correctly. 

Although CDS errors are known to HMRC, what options are there and how will these affect your business?

Broker’s extension past the CHIEF deadline


HMRC announced an extension to the CHIEF deadline in late September, due to the unreadiness of traders and brokers around the UK. To qualify, brokers must apply for the extension and advise business reasons for needing it. It was expected that a few hundred would apply, but HMRC have confirmed that a few thousand needed the extension. There is currently no deadline for when the extension for CHIEF will be granted until.

Universal Customs Clearance has the extension for CHIEF so that we can process your clearance if CDS is not working. However, we are also CDS-ready and process all of our import clearances through CDS where possible.

When to use CHIEF to avoid CDS errors


CDS errors are encouraging many brokers to revert to using CHIEF by default, but HMRC have tried to discourage them from this practice. Unfortunately, the waiting time for support can take up to five hours to receive, so brokers are unable to wait when a clearance is needed quickly, such as for air freight or GVMS clearances.

Therefore, it is practical to try and learn from CDS errors that are raised during sea freight clearances. This allows time for HMRC and software providers to diagnose the problems so that they are resolved in the future. In the short-term; however, it is likely that brokers will continue to utilise the CHIEF extension so that they can keep customers’ goods moving.

Are you having trouble with CDS errors?

Universal Customs Clearance is here to help. We have the CHIEF extension and have been using CDS for several months now. If you need help with processing your declarations, contact us for assistance. 



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